domingo, 17 de abril de 2011


I’m petrified. I just can’t move myself. “Oh man! … it’s gonna be the end of my short career as… “- my brain said in a whisper. “ Bloody spotlights! Someone could say to the barman that we’ll go blind…”- my eyes interrupted my brain.
My hands and knees are shaking in time to my hysteria. However, the adrenaline takes over my mind and intoxicates my human senses. I close my eyes as my mouth leaped into the microphone. My breathing speeds up and my vocal cords give the beginning of my madness… I really love this sensation… Music weightlessness.

Deep breath and… 

 “Madness, it’s my name…
it’s the sounds of my heartbeats,
it’s the way I’m…
I’m wrapping my arms,
my arms around my soul.
My soul…
lead to safety.
‘Til I loose myself.
Madness follows my shadow
while drunk demons are fighting.
I feel like…
 I’m floating through existence
Madness is driving me insane…
Madness it’s my name,
it’s my soul
it’s the way I am. “

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